Hiring Programs


Temporary: We fill both long and short term temporary positions. The temporary worker is a Staffing Solutions employee. Staffing Solutions handles all payroll liabilities and responsibilities. The employee is paid on an hourly basis and receives a weekly paycheck. The client is invoiced weekly.


Temp-Perm: We will recruit, reference check and pre-screen candidates who fit your job requirements. After making sure the employee is a good match for your position, you can convert them to your regular payroll and benefit plan as a part of our contract to direct fee schedule.


Direct Hire: When you're looking for your next direct employee, we can assist you by using our large network of candidates. The client interviews and hires candidates, who go directly onto the clients payroll. We work on a contingency basis, so you don't pay a fee unless we find you a qualified candidate. The fee for a Direct Hire is a one-time charge based on the employees starting salary or annual compensation.


Payrolling: If you have found a candidate, but do not want to add them to your payroll immediately, we can put them on our payroll while you evaluate their suitability as a direct hire. The client screens and supplies the selected individual(s). Staffing Solutions hires the person and assigns him/her to the client, keeping unemployment and workers compensation exposure away from the client. Should you decide to hire the candidate on a direct basis, the candidate would be moved from our payroll to yours with absolutely no fee involved.


Staff Management: Staffing Solutions has experience in setting up and managing any size account from 100-1500.





When all is said and done, we know your major concern is getting qualified employees in a timely manner. Many companies claim to have better people or faster services, but let us tell you what truly sets Staffing Solutions apart from everyone else.


Greater Selection of Candidates to Choose From:

As business technology becomes increasingly advanced, the demand for quality personnel grows exponentially. We know that the more qualified candidates we have, the more choices we can offer you in filling your positions with qualified candidates. That is why we have worked hard to build a large database of candidates to choose from.


Internet Recruitment:

Staffing Solutions recognizes that the Internet has become a valuable employment tool. Through our web site, applicants can obtain general information about our company, view our job orders, and submit applications and resumes that go directly into our database. However, we do not stop there. Staffing Solutions posts job orders at several job boards throughout the Internet. We also search university listings and a number of other areas on the web to find good candidates.


Schools and Colleges:

Staffing Solutions is in regular contact with a number of schools and universities in the area. We post job openings and tap into the pool of recent graduates that are entering the job market.


Outplacement Firms:

Staffing Solutions maintains contact with select independent and corporate outplacement organizations in the area. Being on their contact lists has proven to be a valuable asset.


Database of Applicants:

One of our best sources of candidates comes directly from our computerized database of applicants. The software we utilize for our applicant tracking was designed and developed by staffing professionals, for staffing professionals. Our software allows us to search our database for skills, experience, and availability quickly and efficiently. From our search results, we utilize the latest technology to email or text a message to our candidates informing them about your open position so we spend less time looking through paper and more time qualifying our placements.


Recruitment Advertising:

Staffing Solutions advertises on a regular basis in Kenosha News, Racine Journal Times, Lake County News Sun and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.


Job Fairs and Trade Shows:

Staffing Solutions participates in various job fairs and trade shows in the area. Our applicant response to these events has been tremendous.


Recruiting Center:

Staffing Solutions has recruiters that continually update information on current applicant files via the telephone and through our computerized technology. This enables us to have the most current information on file for our candidates and offers a great source for uncovering new candidates.



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